To better understand your objectives and help you shape your vision, we start by listening. We work closely with you to identify the causes you care about and explore the areas where you can make a lasting difference.

We offer a bespoke approach designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you are an individual, a family, a family business, or a foundation, we adapt to your requirements. We also liaise with your preferred service providers, such as your family office, bank, accountant, or law firm. In all our relationships, we seek to build lasting trust on a foundation of commitment and humility.

Define your objectives

To define the objectives of your philanthropic giving, we help you identify your aspirations, motivations, beliefs, and conditions. Using tools and processes developed in-house, we then advise you on how to define clear objectives and criteria and make strategic choices to bring your vision to life. To guide you at each stage of this giving journey, we have published a book, the Family Philanthropy Navigator, a user-friendly toolkit for both new and experienced philanthropists.

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Give together

Are you planning to give as an individual, as a couple, or as a family? Do you want to unite the next generation around shared values? Whatever your goal, we help you decide who should be involved and how, from friends and family members to partner organizations on the ground.

Organize your governance

Whether you decide to give as a family or as a company, through a foundation or a hosted fund, we advise you on the structure that is best suited to your requirements and we help you adopt effective decision-making processes. We also assist you in shaping or refining your giving strategy.

Family Philanthropy Navigator

The Family Philanthropy Navigator was co-authored by Etienne Eichenberger of WISE-philanthropy with Prof. Peter Vogel and Malgorzata Smulowitz of IMD Business School. Informed by over 20 years of experience and research in philanthropy, this easy-to-use guide aims to inspire individuals and families at each stage of their giving journey.

Learn more about the Family Philanthropy Navigator

The Family Philanthropy Navigator is a pioneering book, a must-read, practical guide for families starting their giving journey, and an indispensable reference book for practitioners.
Alexander Osterwalder
Co-founder of Strategyzer and award-winning author of Business Model Generation

The process begins by recognizing the importance of philanthropy as an essential element of your family business or ecosystem. The book helps you explore your motivations and outline your philanthropic objectives and ambitions. It suggests tools you can use to choose the right people or organizations to support you in achieving your goals, as well as the resources, structures, and processes you will need to achieve real impact. In every chapter, case studies of philanthropists like yourself provide fresh ideas and inspiration.

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If you have already structured your philanthropy, why not find out how we can help you implement your philanthropy or learn more about our training courses in philanthropy.