Philanthropy is an important and highly rewarding way for individuals and families to make a difference in a rapidly changing world.

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Like the world around us, philanthropy is changing and transforming, and philanthropic families are seeking out new ways to ensure that their giving is meaningful and impactful.

The Family Philanthropy Navigator offers an easy-to-use, step-by-step inspirational guide for new and existing philanthropic families to initiate or enhance their journey in giving.

It is a hand-on guide for novice and experienced philanthropists and their families. It enables families to get together to answer the core questions at the heart of any voyage in giving: Why? What? Who and How?

Understand the importance of philanthropy as an integral part of your family enterprise or ecosystem.
Explore the motivation, focus and ambitions of your giving.
Elect the people and organizations you wish to partner with.
Decide on resources, structures and processes you need to achieve impact.
Learn from the stories of active philanthropists to inspire and inform your giving.
Prepare thoroughly to begin your own philanthropic journey or to change the direction of your giving.

The Family Philanthropy Navigator is comprised of core sections and building blocks:

  • Purpose of your giving, including your motivation, focus and ambition.
  • Relationships you need to activate your giving, including family involvement and partners.
  • Organization of your giving, including resources, governance and impact.

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Family Philanthropy Navigator